Simple 10 Easy Farmville Cheat Codes

Written By Thomas Ponco on Monday, August 22, 2011 | 11:03 PM

Farmville Simple 10 Easy Farmville Cheat Codes Secrets Guide is the second best overall farmville guide available with no cheats or hacks. (It has been surpassed by Farmville Expert). This is backed up by the popular user response. It is a great guide for beginners and very professionally presented. This guide will give you all the background information as well as detailed charts on crops. I have to say the guide portion of this guide is probably better than the #1 pick, but the Cheat Simple 10 Easy Farmville Cheat Codes farmville expert guide has more to offer overall.

Farmville cheat codes is another great guide and has the latest updates added in. Check out the site and compare against the other Farmville secrets guides that I recommend. Please visit the Farmville Super Secrets Website for more detailed information Farmville cheat engine .

There are quite a few of these easy to be found on the internet, but it takes a while to find them (if they still work). Probably the easiest thing to do is to get one of the best farmville guides which are updated often, and the updates are free to all those that own the farmville guides.

10 Easy – Some of these could barely called cheats as they appear to be normal game play, but if you know them then they are a quick way to increase farmville coins and farmville experience points.

Please be aware that these cheats may have been patched (so might not work now)

1. Farmville Tend Cheat – go to a neighbor and continually hit the tend button. You have to do it many many times, but usually (not always) when you finally hit the accept button you will get lots of coins and experience points.

2. Farmville free gift checker & bonus collector- this is a program that automatically collects your free gifts for you so you don’t have to do it. It is an addon to the extreme farming manager. Check out these tools

3. Ribbon codes – Not a cheat but it helps to know what is required to attain farmville ribbons. There is a great chart on the zynga farmville forum cheat that outlines what each farmville ribbon requires (even each ribbon color). View Farmville Ribbon Schemes

4. Soybean Delete cheat code – as mentioned above you need to be advanced enough in the game to have 20×20 plots to plant on and the architect ribbon. The premise is to gain loads of experience points to help you level up. To do that you sew soybean crops on all areas and then delete the crops (using the red spade), this costs money but gives you experience points. You will need to have quite a bit of coinage for this to be useful, and basically you will use up all your coins.

5. Farmville Gifting cheat – this one is hit or miss for people, mainly because the instructions are hard to follow. It is not really a cheat, as you can only send 1 gift to someone every 4 hours, it shortcuts the wait, and you can send more than 1 at a time, but they will not be able to accept more than 1 gift every 4 hours. Here are the steps.
* From inside facebook, open the farmville app. wait till it opens then click on the free gifts tab
* (it seems to work best if you use chrome browser) right click on the free gifts tab link and choose open in new tab, do this up to 30 times so that you have up to 30 tabs open
* for each tab select a gift, then on each tab select “proceed to send”
* go to each tab and select the friend you want to send the gift to (do not send yet)
* after selecting friend on each tab go back to first tab and click “send farmville gift request” (do not hit send yet) and repeat for all tabs
* go back to first tab and click send, then repeat for all tabs
* thats it. Note your friends may not be able to open the gifts until the next day.

6. Multiple chicken coops – this one will probably be fixed by Zynga soon so hurry. It will give you extra chicken coops. You have to place a chicken coop in the very top corner of your plot. then buy a storage shed, and expand the storage shed and publish to facebook, your neighbour have to help you expand it, then do it again. Once you have fully expanded your storage shed you need to refresh farmville, you will now get 2 extra chicken coops. I chose not to do this cheat as I thought it may get me banned.

7. Good Samaritan Ribbon cheat – This one will help you get the good samaritan ribbon faster. To get the good samaritan ribbon you have to help neighbors, but it is slow and tedious. Click on the neighbor to help them, but before the confirmation window pops up click their icon again, click them as fast as you can, and you may be able to help them up to 5 times all at once.

8. Pretty Garden Ribbon cheat – You have to get 50 flowers to get the blue pretty garden ribbon. The fastest way to do this is to purchase a garden shed for 30,000 which comes with 10 flowers, place them on the farm and then sell the shed. Repeat the process until you have 50 flowers. You will also get experience points.

9. Free Cows cheat – you need to have at least 1 cow already in your gift box. Buy a dairy farm, then place the cow from the gift box directly into the dairy farm (not anywhere else), then return to the giftbox and there will still be a cow there, rinse and repeat.

10. Probably the safest way to advance is to use a bot. I don’t think Zynga considers using a bot cheating, as it is running on your computer in place of you. There are 2 well known bot farmville automation bots which both cost uner $7, and I have reviewed my favorite here at farming Extreme Manager review

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