Farmville Animals

Written By Thomas Ponco on Thursday, August 25, 2011 | 6:46 PM

As we told you earlier this week, FarmVille's newest animal breeding pen is called the Pet Run Habitat Farmville Animals, and it will allow you to store and breed all sorts of "smaller" animals that may be taking up too much space on your farm (not that the habitat itself is particularly small, but I digress). You'll be able to store animals like Chinchillas, Cats, Rabbits and Dogs, among others.

As usual, once this building rolls around to you (it's on a slow roll-out as of this writing), you'll first need to place its base and then collect items to complete its construction. For this particular pet habitat, you'll need to collect ten each of Painted Wood pieces, Water Pumps and Fence Posts (the Fence Posts have been carried over from the Wildlife Habitat). You'll be given a single ingredient for free to start you out, but can earn the rest by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them for a single Farm Cash each. I haven't received any of these items by opening Special Delivery Boxes, so you may want to rule that option out for the time being.

FV Cheat Engine

Written By Thomas Ponco on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | 8:23 PM

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Farm Ville Code Cheat Engine

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Make Money in Facebook Zyga FarmVille

Written By Thomas Ponco on Monday, August 22, 2011 | 11:08 PM

Making money is a fact of life on Farmville, even when you are trying to escape the daily drudgery by playing a game for a few minutes on farmville. But as it happens in farmville it is much easier to make money than in real life.

As with a real farm most things cost money. Buying seeds, plowing the fields, almost everything costs coins. At first you will only be able to pay for the costs by harvesting and selling your crops. However these day to day costs are not the only costs, and if you want to advance through the levels you will have to gain experience points, and to gain experience points you will have to purchase large ticket items like buildings.
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Simple 10 Easy Farmville Cheat Codes

There are quite a few of these easy to be found on the internet, but it takes a while to find them (if they still work). Probably the easiest thing to do is to get one of the best farmville guides which are updated often, and the updates are free to all those that own the farmville guides.

10 Easy – Some of these could barely called cheats as they appear to be normal game play, but if you know them then they are a quick way to increase farmville coins and farmville experience points.

Please be aware that these cheats may have been patched (so might not work now)

1. Farmville Tend Cheat – go to a neighbor and continually hit the tend button. You have to do it many many times, but usually (not always) when you finally hit the accept button you will get lots of coins and experience points.
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Nerdy News Girl Scout Hacks Farmville Facebook

“Nerdy News” is a mini-news show geared towards gamers, technosexuals, and all other geeky peeps.

In this twenty-seventh episode of Nerdy News, I’ll be reporting on farmville secrets:

* OnLive’s cloud gaming farmville tricks service coming to the UK.
* The latest on the Australia R18+ video game rating issue.
* The game industry giants shifting from retail to digital.
* A 10 year old girl scout who hacked Farmville!

Here’s the new episode of Nerdy News!
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